Our commitment

Opera Mariposa is committed to breaking down the barriers to participation that can impede access to the performing arts. We strives to ensure that our spaces, content and communications are accessible to as many people as possible, including (but not limited to) community members who are Deaf, disabled/living with disability, chronically ill and neurodivergent.

Accessibility information for each of our projects and events can be found on each event page, as well as in marketing materials including on social media.

We recognize that accessibility is a continuum, and we must always strive to improve. As such, this page and policy are a work in progress.

Website accessibility

Opera Mariposa’s website includes the UserWay Website Accessibility Widget, which is powered by a dedicated accessibility server. The software allows Opera Mariposa to improve our compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1).

The accessibility menu can be enabled by clicking the accessibility menu icon (a round blue and white icon showing a human with outstretched arms), which appears on the corner of the page. After triggering the accessibility menu, please wait a moment for the accessibility menu to load in its entirety.

All images on the Opera Mariposa website include alt text. We are in a continuous effort to improve accessibility on our website. Despite our efforts, some content may not have yet been fully adapted to the strictest accessibility standards – we welcome all feedback should you discover any issues with the website.

Here for you

For questions or assistance, or if you identify an accessibility issue or wish to provide feedback, please reach out to Opera Mariposa at any time! We are available by email at, by phone at 604-836-0893, or by anonymous contact form here. (Please note that we may be unable to reply to anonymous messages unless you provide a way to contact you – however, we take all feedback seriously.)