Opera Treats

Bite-sized opera on demand

Craving opera? Mariposa is delighted to serve up bite-sized musical content from some of our award-winning artists – free, accessible and online! In the fall of 2020, Opera Mariposa was fortunate enough to receive support from Creative BC and the City of Vancouver to explore safer music-making processes during the pandemic. The result was the launch of our ‘Opera Treats’ series.

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Access: Videos include captioning, a transcript of song lyrics and an English translation in both the video description and linked digital show programmes. Run times range from approx. 3 minutes to 7.5 minutes.

Supported by Creative BC
and the City of Vancouver

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Jacqueline Ko, soprano
Maria Hwa Yeong Jung, piano

Videographer – Sean Sullivan (Bombshelter Productions)
Recordist – Michael Foster (Blackfish Sound)
Editing + Engineering – Allison Cociani, David Meyer
Production Manager – Stephanie Ko
COVID-19 Safety Captain – Robin Hahn
Production Assistant – Sandra Ko
Translators – Birgit Eder, Robin Hahn

Filmed on September 30, 2020 at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver with strict COVID-19 protocols in place.

Download the ‘Nun eilt herbei’ show programme.

Lyndon Ladeur, tenor
Nina Horvath, piano

Lighting Designer – Harika Xu
Lighting Operator – Michelle Williams
Set + Lighting Crew – Frantz De Rycke, Brittony LeFever
Videography – Shot By Steph
Video + Audio Editing – Stephanie Ko, Jacqueline Ko
Translator – Jacqueline Ko

Originally filmed on June 18, 2018 at ‘Toward Tomorrow: A Benefit + Awareness Show’ at Marpole United Church in Vancouver, Canada.

Download the ‘Dies Bildnis’ show programme.

Robin Hahn, soprano
Maria Hwa Yeong Jung, piano

Video + Audio – Jacqueline Ko, Stephanie Ko
Covid-19 Safety Captain – Sandra Ko
Translation – Robin Hahn, Stephanie Ko

Recorded on September 9, 2021 at Opera Mariposa’s Vancouver studio with strict health and safety protocols in place.

Download the ‘Adieu, notre petite table’ show programme.

Lindsay Gillis, soprano
Michael Onwood, piano

Video + Audio Editing – Stephanie Ko, Jacqueline Ko
Translation – Stephanie Ko

Footage courtesy of Lindsay Gillis. Filmed on August 18th, 2022 at Shaughnessy Heights United Church.

Download the ‘Je suis encore’ show programme.

Behind the scenes

A special sneak peek from the filming of our first Opera Treats video (2020). Photo credits: Robin Hahn, Sandra Ko.
Want to learn more about what’s happening these days behind-the-scenes? Find out how we keep our team members safe through our safety plan.

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